What’s your worst quality?

My intelligence. And I wish I was bullshitting. You’d think it would be cool to have a high IQ except it’s isolating most of the time. Unfortunately, I bore easily and usually have to study something rigorous lest I go insane. And I mean that literally. Socially I down-clock to talk to the average person, pretend I know less than them so as not to crush their ego and keep my mouth shut on topics I’m interested in as not to overwhelm anyone around me. And this is all compounded by the fact that I’m a woman. Despite what men say, men don’t want a woman they feel inferior to and they definitely don’t want a genius. I try this dating game over and over just to end up with men who are too insecure to accept the fact that there are minds who exist that simply have faster processing speeds. Women on the other hand have no problem accepting someone as superior. The only issue there is that women default to accepting the bare minimum for themselves because they believe they are innately inferior and will remain that way. This is probably what the feminists are complaining about.

Look, I don’t give a fuck about our intelligence disparity. The problem is that you give a fuck. The only fucks I give are mind fucks and I’m exceptional at them.

So if you’re proud of your intelligence and you define your worth by it, by all means don’t be pissy if you happen to meet someone who you can learn from. I’m not arrogant but I know when I’m right. Unfortunately, people hate that.

Or all of this is bullshit and my worst quality is my ego. 🙂

February 10, 2018

I want omniscience.

That’s what it is.

That’s why I want to read and do so much and am overwhelmed sometimes. I just want to do SO MUCH and LEARN SO MUCH but I haven’t been able to structure my time or my mind to sit down and do it.

I want to be noted as a genius.

I want a Nobel Prize and a Fields Medal.

I want to have a wiki page.

I want to be a female mathematician who changes history.

Part of this is narcissistic, but I don’t go evil I won’t go Good. I see it now. If I remain neutral, I won’t move. I have to go evil to go good.

What the fuck holy shit. Kendrick.

Oh wow. This analysis is going to be the most interesting project I’ve done ever. I’m going to create an entire new discipline in three fields.

I have about 60 years to do this.

They say they want diversity in academia? Okay. Here’s what I can do…